About Thorn Morgan Systems Ltd

Thorn Morgan Systems Ltd was founded by one Fredrick Ng'ang'a Thuo in 2007 and incorporated in 2008.Fredrick is a graduate from Jomo kenyata university of agriculture and technology with a background of electrical & electronic engineering having graduated in 2002.

After graduating in 2002, Fredrick worked with a number of engineering firms among them the New Baron international a Belgium firms that was involved in the upgrade of JKIA airport electrical systems between 2002 & 2004 after which he worked with a Korean security firms as sales engineer.

With a business idea in mind but not sure on the viability and how to go about it, I had a chance to visit South Africa on a fact finding mission. Surprising to me the concept I had in mind were exactly what was applicable in South Africa. In fact the hotel I was staying, on arrival besides being given the hotel door key card, I was issued with a remote button. That meant that there was absolutely no human guard was to be opening the gate. Everything pertaining to security was automated with very well trained dogs to compliment it. Having seen that, when I came back to Kenya, I was now decided and confident and since then I have never looked back.

What make us different from our competitors is that;
We offer solutions while our competitors offers products.(We sit with our clients, we understand his requirements, we go down to the site, we assess his security needs & Risk, our engineers works on solutions and we advise the customer accordingly before he even place the order. For our competitors, a client pops in he explains his requirement, they go to shelves and get the products for the client. No complete solution offered. The client expectation is not fully me while in our case we exceed customer expectations.
Focus: The biggest market share is with the security companies whose main focus is on guarding,dogs,transmitters and armed back up and electronic security is just a minor unit that contributes a small percentage of the overall turn over.As such the invest very little in Research & Development touching on electronic security. For our case, we one of the few companies that 100% focus on electronic security and as such heavily invest in Research & development and as such we are continuously monitoring the ever changing security requirements hence we have quality solutions for virtually all security requirements. .